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Jennifer with cycling friend“I hired Jennifer as a personal trainer to help me develop core strength.  Though I was in shape because of the preparation I did for running marathons, I felt something was missing.  Jennifer created a personal program for me that enhanced my training and fit in with my lifestyle.   Her training inspired me to reach way beyond what I thought was possible with my body.  After only 6 weeks of training with Jennifer, I had a new body that could react faster and run stronger because of what Jennifer had taught me.  I even noticed a huge difference in my core when I rode my motorcycle!  I was so impressed with the results that I asked Jennifer to work with my eighteen-year-old son, who is training to be a firefighter.  He now regularly works out because of the training Jennifer gave him. Jennifer is prompt, professional, and worth every penny.”

Gisela Babb, Quality Manager
Schurter Group
Santa Rosa, CA

“Jennifer’s triathlon training program has helped me progress well beyond what I would have achieved on my own. Over several races I have learned that her weekly workouts are designed with care and consideration of the individual’s abilities and preferences. They are reliably delivered each week, and are delivered with a positive approach and a ‘have fun’ attitude. She also communicates clearly with her athletes, and her motivational and race support is invaluable.”

David Tett, Owner
Bushtracks Expeditions
Healdsburg, CA

Jennifer and running friend“Jennifer’s energy and enthusiasm for fitness and health are infectious. As a triathlete herself, she brings a highly effective, practical, hands-on approach to her training that is difficult to find. She’ll push you when you need to be pushed, and encourage you when you need encouragement. She’ll drag you to open water swims, and make you do bricks whether you want to or not! Any money you spend on training sessions with her is an investment in yourself that is sure to repay itself ten times over. I highly recommend Jennifer Hampson as a personal trainer and a triathlon coach!”

Renee Mengali, President
Mengali Accountancy
Healdsburg, CA

“I have worked on & off with Jennifer over the past 4 years. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and obvious passion for the industry initially drew me as a client. Jennifer has helped me with my running, swimming, spinning, circuit and stretching techniques. The training programs she has created have always been innovative, challenging and specifically tailored to me. She welcomes questions and feedback with a smile and open mind.

Jennifer’s attention to detail, industry knowledge and program design abilities are unsurpassed. Her integrity and interest in her clients is evident. Jennifer’s attention to detail and creativity put her in a class above many other trainers. She’s got a great sense of humor and contagious positive attitude on top of all that!!

If you’re looking for a top trainer in the industry, you’ve come to the right place!”

Kathy Salisbury
Fellow Trainer & mother of three very busy children
Healdsburg, CA

Jennifer and cycling friend“I worked with Jennifer as my personal trainer for over a year. Her professionalism and enthusiasm each and every week amazed me. She was always introducing new ideas in strength training, which kept things fresh. Jennifer pushed me when I needed the added motivation and yet ‘let up’ when I was at my limit.

I realize Jennifer works with many athletes who compete on a continual basis.  I am not one of them!  I do, however, like to compete against myself and need a qualified, fun trainer to achieve that.

Whatever your age or goals are, I highly recommend that you work with Jennifer.”

Lu Galeazzi
Santa Rosa, CA

“I had been following my own workout schedule based on the exercises and routines I had picked up over the years from the various sports I had done. I was doing very well – I thought. It is noticeable to me and others how much more fit I have become since I began following Jennifer’s workout plans just a couple of months ago.

Although I am thousands of miles away from Jennifer’s base in California I am finding it very easy to stay in contact with her by e-mail or through her internet coaching site and she is always available on the phone whenever I wish to speak to her. She studiously compiles her varied and interesting sets of exercises and workouts well in advance and explains how to do them very clearly. She then carefully takes note of all the detail I give her about how much I was able to achieve and how I felt afterwards. This helps her track my progress so she can build and develop my routines over time and encourage and cajole me to work hard at her plans.

Jennifer works hard to devise imaginative workouts and sends them off to me well in advance. She studies all the feedback I give her and is quick to respond to any messages or queries I may have.

Jennifer is clearly a skilled trainer. She knew what workouts and exercises were best for me having assessed my current fitness and listened to what I wanted to achieve. She was then able to encourage and motivate me to work hard and it wasn’t long before the benefits began to show.

I continue to enjoy working with Jennifer very much.”

Nicholas Tett
Director, Bushtracks Africa Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

July 2024